Why and Who Needs a Tailored Fit

April 19, 2019 Why and Who Needs a Tailored Fit

Tailored Fit By Bharath Ramdas at The Ramp – Best Fashion Designer For Men in Bengaluru

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Clothes maketh the man.

The first impression is the last impression.


As is evident from all of these wise adages above, we are living in a visual world. Today, more than ever before.


Where every step you take and every move you make is recorded, clicked and enshrined for eternity at the click of the trigger-happy digital generation on their smartphones, and not only recorded but shot out there in cyberspace before you can say Bill Gates.


So whoever you are and whatever you do, it’s mandatory to have the right image and put your best foot forward every time, to create that unique and memorable aura around yourself to stand out from the marauding hordes and the plebs. The image is everything.


Ramp to the rescue

Fret not. Ramp is here to help you create the right look with a customised, tailored fit of the most desirable and suitable clothes for you, to exude that aura of confidence and style. It’s not fashion off the shelf or one-size-fits-all (it really never does!) actually. Ramp apparel is made to order, to fit your unique body type and enhance your personal style.

Ramp the brand, the store, and the brainchild of Costume Designer, Couturier and Stylist par excellence Bharath Ramdas, has been at the forefront of styling and designing costumes and apparel for the who’s who of the film and fashion fraternity. Whether it is co-ordination with tailors, the tight supervision, the attention to detail – you can leave all the stress of getting custom-fitted out and leave it in the capable and experienced hands of Bharath Ramdas. Fashion show events, TV commercials, print media ads, cinema costumes, reality shows like Big Boss, Bharath Ramdas has done it all and more with great style and success, with clients invariably becoming regulars.


Ramp, the flagship store of Bharath Ramdas brings that same passion towards excellence and high fashion to everyone. After the high-end clientele of the film industry, it is now possible for anyone with an eye for haute couture to get the designer apparel custom-tailored to his individual taste. At Ramp, you will find everything you need for the perfectly turned out gentleman, from bespoke suits and shirts, trousers, jackets, sherwanis to across-the-spectrum range of accessories to complete the look. Cufflinks, bow-ties, pocket squares, ties and tie-pins and more – are all available as a set and separately. And now, due to great response and high demand, Ramp also offers select women’s apparel like jackets and some formals and semi-formals with the stylish cuts and fits.


Style it right

The cut, the fit, the design and the pattern – the perfect mélange of all these leads to the perfect garment. An art that has been perfected by Bharath Ramdas and his team of designers at Ramp – the definitive statement in high fashion.


Who needs a tailored fit? You don’t need to be in the modelling and film industries to look good. Today an office goer, a corporate honcho, banker, CEO, anyone in the political arena, a father attending his son’s graduation function, a collegian going for his cousin’s wedding, the bridegroom, the best man, the father, the son, the uncle, the grandfather – anyone and everyone needs to be well turned out with the right look to grace any occasion and play all the parts and roles of life with style, and substance, with elan and elegance, with charm and charisma.

Make a statement every time, with every appearance in all walks of life with the perfectly tailored, customised, stylised look with a little help from Ramp.

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