Bharath Ramdas Interview

January 29, 2020 Bharath Ramdas Interview

1. Tell us more about your journey into fashion and designing

* An engineer Drop out!

I was blank on When? & what to do next in life.
Fashion and Design,my second career option came as a blessing in disguise . In my growing years as a child, I was very creative when it came to fashion ,which I inherited from my Father , and I developed my sense of fashion meticulously with age .
So I took a chance, worked as a part time model , got an opportunity to work as a costume designer when I was asked do a guest appearance role as a 2nd lead actor in a kannada movie back in 2007.I was still pursuing my bachelor’s in fashion designing at the time, but undertook the opportunity that fell in my lap and succeeded.Ever since I have never looked back. As of today I have completed working on almost 28 movies , 200 + songs, in  kannada & telugu film industries and worked on several ad campaigns and commercials . I obtained my bachelor’s in Fashion Designing in 2008 ,and my Masters in Fashion Styling from London .

2. What does fashion mean to you?

* For Me, Fashion is all most importantly being comfortable in what ever we wear while looking your Best. I believe elegance is in simplicity. I Dont like overdoing anything.

3. Give us a tip on how to ensure you dress stylish on a everday basis.

* Being Stylish everyday is all about wearing outfits that fit well and ensuring that one stays fit . I think there is nothing more than great health and fitness.

4. Who is your inspiration?

* Passion towards fashion is my inspiration,

5. What is your personal style statement?what outfit or style you prefer wearing more often?

* I have always preferred the dapper look.I am a strickler to all things neat and tidy. Be it my outfit or my lifestyle. My style statement and my most preffered outfit would be ; In smart casuals would be, a fitted plain t shirt and chinos with  sneakers. In Formals a Classic bespoke dark blue suit with white shirt made  @ RAMP with a tan double monk strap footwear.

6. Tell us about the latest trends in menswear.

* The current trend is all about light washed denim, paired with shirts of mismatched prints, a nice sling bag with good vintage watch. Corduroy trousers , plaid pants are also very much in vogue, this season.Adding a retro feel would be an accompaniment of a nice neck scarf to the ensemble.

7. What is your personal favourite formal wear or casual dressing?

Casuals: A fitted plain t shirt and chinos with  sneakers,
Formals: A Classic bespoke Dark blue suit with white Giza 200 ply shirt made @ RAMP with a tan double monk strap footwear.

8. Give some tips to the readers on dressing for a important formal event and for a casual date night.

Formal Meeting

Shirt: Crisp, white, buttoned-up cotton shirts are usually a safe option; however, something with a pattern or simple colour is also suitable.
Suit: A two-piece or three-piece suit in dark charcoal or navy is an ideal choice of clothing for a board meeting. Ensure it’s of good quality and has a tailored fit
Accessories: A silk tie is a must, as well as subtle cufflinks, a leather belt and a watch.
Shoes: Black or brown oxfords or brogues (don’t forget the matching Socks)

*Casual Date night
Always wear a watch: If there’s one thing you should always wear on a first date, it’s a nice watch. It doesn’t have to be super expensive either — wear one with a metallic strap for a dressy dinner.
Lean toward dark or neutral colors: Understated, muted colors keep your entire look grounded and sophisticated. Think navy, gray, white and black. It puts the focus on you and your conversation and not on what you’re wearing. This applies to your jeans as well. Dark wash, always.
A little spritz of cologne: Smelling good is just as important as dressing right. A simple spray of your favorite scent (one inside your shirt and one outside, near your neck) is all you need to make a subtle impact. You wouldn’t want the smell to overpower the room.
Polish your shoes: Please don’t overlook the importance of clean shoes. If you’re wearing dress shoes, a quick black or brown polish is all it takes to make them look brand new. If you chose to wear sneakers, make sure all scuff marks and signs of wear are gone.

9. What sets you apart as a designer?what is your signature style statement which makes your designs stand out?

* Giving 200 percent dedication to work , delivering on time and never giving up attitude combined with a no compromise discipline has always set me apart as a designer .

* We always Make sure our product is a Journey of elegance and Sophistication.Our designs are a blend of everything we take pride in. Fine cloths, ultra stylish Cuts and impeccable detailing make our signature outfits stand out and make a cool and classy statement.

10. The celeb you love playing dress up the most.
* There are 2 celebs , Sudeep and Puneeth Rajkumar

11. Share with us your experience working with different celebrities in the film industry.

* All my Celebrity clients have been very warm and have welcomed me into their comfort zone which is paramount as a designer.It helps me build a connection with them which makes the process smooth and helps us design outfits which best suit their star studded persona. In these 12 years even in the most toughest of time,with severe time crunches they have helped me and ensured we succeed as a team and achieve the end result and a fantastic overall look. So in short I am having a sweet Experience.

12. What is your take on the current trends in the wedding industry for grooms?

* Grooms all over, are upping their game and are no longer stuck to the sterotypical old boring beige/gold suits and sherwani’s. They are keen on experimenting and are very particular that they match the stunning bride in the overall looks department if not outbeat them.

13. One celeb you would love to style and work with

* Salman Khan

14. A piece of advice to upcoming designers trying to make a niche in this industry.

* Never Give Up, Honesty, perseverance, 200 percent dedication with a smart mindset is required to sustain and grow in this industry. One should always be updated with the latest trends. One should always be willing to work hard and strive to reach to the top

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